Here's What Others Are Saying About Wendy Huang's Homeselling System...

09/05/2017 SOLD Top dollars in the area!!!

We changed to Wendy based on positive feedback from our friends, after our previous agent did not generate sale moment with the house on the market for two months. We couldn’t have been more satisfied with the decision. While the home-selling process was much more difficult than we’d expected,   Wendy gave us confident and valuable guidance in the process. Her quick response, and insightful knowledge about the market and what targeted potential buyers were looking for are exactly what we needed. She knows what should be done to improve the salability of the house. She showed our house as if it were her house and valued it like her own house. Final price and term negotiation with the buyers was painful and delicate process, but Wendy’s sound and thoughtfully critical advice and experience really helped us to form an effective strategy. Without Wendy, our house could have been on the market for a much longer time. We wouldn’t hesitate to give her anything but the highest recommendation

Owner of 7905 Aspermont

08/27/2017 SOLD for Top $$$$$

I chose Wendy from the Zillow reviews. She came to my house and went over everything in detail as i wasn't comfortable signing contracts online. She listed my home and helped me get repairs done that I didn't have to pay until closing (that was a huge deal for me). She priced my home correctly so   it sold quickly. She guided me through the negotiating process with ease and knowledge. She is definately an asset to ReMax. I couldn't have done it without her, she's a real pro! I highly recommend her to all

Owner of 1000 Mellville

7/14/2017 SOLD over full price! Top dollars in the areas

       Wendy is the most responsible seller agent and someone that you can fully trust when you sell your house. I was over 1200 miles away from my house and Wendy took care everything from remodeling, picking color, cleaning, photos, listing and finally sell my house. She knows where i can spend the

  remodeling money that will attract the buyers. Wendy went to find contractors and took care the remodels: new granite, wood floor, carpet, painting, tiles and etc... We got over 15 offers within the few days. I was very please when working with Wendy and I highly recommend to have her as your seller.

Owner of 1433 Colmar

07/05/2017 SOLD top dollars in the area!!!

She was awesome, she was referred to us by a friend, we engaged her and asked her to stage and sell the house for us. She helped us get the house ready and then sold it at almost the asking price. Then near the closing the buyer had some issue with lender. Wendy helped us along through the process to closing. I would recomend her to all my friends

Owner of 4573 St. James


We were so grateful and thankful to have found Wendy to replace our previous agent. We had to move out of state when she took over as our agent. She took her time to work closely with us as she helped to coordinate everything when we remodeled our house before putting it back to market. Everything   was done professionally and beautifully, and our house was presented by Wendy to its fullest potential. My whole family was impressed with her handwork and professional skills that we engaged her as our agent to buy our next house despite the many good offers we got from other agents. She was always there to support us when we were looking at houses and she even took the time to coordinate and pick the colors for our new home and we were all very pleased with her recommendation. Her service to us as an agent continued way past the time our contract was closed and was always of the highest quality. We highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to sell or buy a house and she deserves more than 5 stars for her services.


06/10/2017 SOLD top dollars in the area!!!

Best agent we have seen!!! Since we have to move to CA before listing our home, there is high possibility to spend extra time and money to sell the home. However, Wendy did lots of additional works to help us out. She is not only proposed the listing price accurately which was $20K higher than the   Zillow's estimation, but also did everything to save the cost on our side. All the contractors Wendy introduced were very professional with the competitive price. Our house is closed smoothly within 4 weeks at full price. We would definitely rate her as the 5+ starts sale agent!!!  

Owner of 7 Rainforest Allen

06/02/2017 SOLD $20k over full price!!!

Wendy Huang place by home up on Thursday received 3 offers over list and closed the following Friday for $20,000 over the list price Wendy was professional and helped me in all stages of listing my home I could not done without her Wendy is the wonderful and the agent you want she more than 5.   Anni H

05/29/2017 SOLD over full price!!!!

Wendy is amazing to work with. She had helped us remodel the whole house tastefully and had taken some amazing photos and advertised our house. Best of all, she had sold our house with multiple over full price offers within 2-3 day on the market! We want to thank Wendy for this smooth experience

  selling our house.  

Sharron X

05/21/2017  SOLD top dollars in the area!!

Wendy is very professional and responsive. She is very down to earth and willing to talk to me every time I need to discuss things with her. I love how she picked the color for my house. She advertised my house beautifully and we got not only over full price but also the top dollars in our area  within 3 days!! We really received a lot of compliments. I highly recommend her. 

Owner of Carta Valley Plano


Wendy is a very professional realtor with artist view to decorate the house. She suggests the necessary work needs to be done and specific paint color for kitchen, family room and dining room to show the elegance of the house and the house was sold in short time for more than 20K compared to other  similar listing. Highly recommended +++++

Owner of Cape Charles Plano TX


Wendy was the best! She was always responsible, professional and competent. She is the best Realtor we ever dealt with and we were totally delighted with her services. I would clearly choose Wendy for every future real estate need. She's the #1 agent in several categories . My wife and I cannot say enough about wendy , we were very fortunate that we picked her she sold our house in a veryshort span of time , just imagine i had a realtor in my neighbourhood and I choosed her over and I'm glad it paid off This is my firt home that i sold and here is the million dollar advise i give , if you are planning to sell your home not now but in few days call Wendy she will give you so may tips that you will be Amazed and that pays off we listened to her and followed her advise. it paid off we not only sold our home but also over the listing price. thank you thank you thank you We will use her in near future on all of our real estate transactions! we are going to refer her to all our family and friends

Moin Haq


Wendy Huang was a pleasure to work with when I sold my property. She is an extremely proactive sales professional. I want to thank you for your assistance in finding the buyer for my property. Your were very accessible, positive, and knowledgeable through the process. I wouldn't hesitate to   recommend Wendy Huang to any person who is looking to buy or sell a home as well as seek her service in any of my future real estate transactions. Thanks Again!

Joanna H


Wendy is a go-getter and was wonderful to work with. She met with us several months before selling to consult regarding improvements to maximize our home value. Our home was on the market for one day before receiving multiple offers. Wendy helped us select the best offer, counter, and the sale   closed in eleven days. Incredible. Wendy is the best!  

Owner of Devlin Ridge Plano


If you want your house sold in the Dallas fort Worth area there is no more qualified and efficient realtor than Wendy Huang.

My house was on sale for 2 months with a different realtor and did not get a single offer. I called on Wendy and she made suggestions that got me an offer with in 3 days   of listing with her. She recommended we put granite in kitchen, paint cabinets white and remove wall paper and texture paint the bathroom.. it worked like magic. thanks Wendy . I highly recommend her.. for her professional and helpful nature and excellent knowledge of the industry.

Owner of 2720 Buck Hill Dr Plano


Wendy recently sold our house in a month from listing to closing. She helped with the renovation and got multiple over full price offers within 3 days on the market.

Wendy managed the sales process with great professionalism. She demonstrate deep knowledge of the local market and great expertise   on presenting the property in its most appealing conditions. All issues were communicated clearly and addressed in timely manner. Under Wendy’s guidance, the negotiation process went smoothly without drama or surprise. The end result was a win-win situation for both parties. Should any need for real estate agent arise in the future , we will not hesitate to seek help from Wendy again.   Richard


Wendy is the BEST real estate agent. This is the 2nd time she helped me sell my house with a very competitive price in less than 30 days. She is very professional and experienced. She watches for client's best interest. Thank you wendy for making the whole transaction so smooth and easy!

Sandy L


Wendy is an awesome agent. Very professional and knowledgeable and really work hard to help you achieve your vision and goals. Highly recommended! My house was sold and closed after one month after it was listed!!!


Wendy did excellent jobs on selling my home. She is a very professional agent. What she did for me exceeds all my expectations! I strongly recommend Wendy if you want to find a realtor!

Owner of Kentucky in Deerfield North Plano


Wendy is a processioned and competitive agent. She helped to sale my property unbelievable fast with highest price (even higher then what I thought). She did excellent job. Strongly recommend!


Wendy helped remodel my house and made it very beautiful and presentable. She picked the best contractors to redo my house. She sold my house for the full pricr and the best price in the area. Highly recommend her!  

Jeff L


Wendy was a great agent and helped us a lot in the sales process. We had multiple over full price offers on the 1st day of the house being on the market, and we sold it for top dollar in the area. We were very happy with Wendy.

Owner in Plano


Wendy is Awesome!!!! Get her as your realtor, listen to her professional advice, and your home will sell very fast!! First weekend with multiple offers, sold well over asking price!! That's why you go with a professional like Wendy. She is that good, bottom line!!! Negotiates like a pro and is   always available to you when you need her. Her knowledge of the Market is spot on. Thanks Wendy!!!!!!  

Chad Moore


Wendy Huang is an excellent professional agent. She has so much experience to help us. Her knowledge, communication still really support us for this sell. Because her, that we can got multiple over full price offers on the first day. She is the top 5 stars agent! I would highly recommend my friend,   my family to choice her if they need for sell house.

Yolanda Chen


Wendy was very helpful in selling our condo. We had multiple offers within the first month it was on the market and she got us the best one. She got us exactly what we asked for and we were very happy with our experience.

Corey L


Wendy has been an excellent realtor: she is very assertive and works very hard. She has very accurate insight into the market value, and was able to get me top dollar for my home. Would recommend Wendy to anyone and everyone!

  Kristy Staebel

01/04/2016 SOLD in hours! Multiple offers! Top $$$$ in the area!!!

Wendy had helped me to remodel my house, shop for the best contractors, and make it so beautiful. I got multiple offers within hours on the market. It is an amazing experience to work with her. Our selling price is the best in the area! Highly recommend.


12/18/2015 Offers in hours! SOLD in 1 week! Multiple over full price offers! Top $$$$ in the area

We interviewed several realtors, Wendy was by far the most knowledgeable and immediately gave us the confidence that she would represent us and would have our interests as her top priority, not the buyer nor her own interest. She gave us great advice about the local market, what was hot and attractive to buyers, we implemented her recommendations a week before placing our house for sale. Within a week we had several showings, great positive feedback and best of all multiple offers from several buyers. We sold our house for more than we listed, thanks to her recommendations. Bottom line if you want a true realtor that will sell your house like it's theirs and that will be on your side the entire process, without a doubt Wendy Huang is the one to call.

Sanchez , Plano TX

10/8/2015 Multiple offers! SOLD for top$$$ in the area!

Wendy Huang is an excellent, and very professional agent. She helped us sold our property with highest value in very short period of time! Her professional advice on our property remodeling was very valuable. I am very strongly recommending her.


8/19/2015 Over full Price! Multiple offers! SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
Wendy Huang is an excellent, very responsible and professional agent. She helped us sold our home with highest value of the similar in the area within one week! Her professional advices on our home remodeling was very valuable and she had proposition our home very well that we had more than 30 visits at our home for the first week and buyers were competing for it. I am very strongly recommending her
Richard Z.

8/1/2015 Over full Price! Multiple offers!!!SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
My condo has just been sold for the highest price in my condo complex. As my agent Wendy has handled the selling process very professionally and very well. She is a very experienced realtor and always put her customer’s interest in first place. She gave us very concrete advices from all the aspects about how to prepare the condo for market. Her suggestions are always thorough and effective. That is the reason why on the first day on market we got multiple offers. She is also very skillful in pricing and negotiation so that it takes only a few days that my condo was sold! My wife and I are very satisfied. Kevin F.

7/25/15 Multiple offers! Over full price!SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
Wendy is an excellent agent, she sold my place within a month with $5888 more than what I asked for. During the process, she always kept me posted on my status and gave me good suggestions on the things I can do to bring the price higher. Overall, I had great experience. Zichang L.

5/13/2015 SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
Wonderful experience selling my first home! Wendy was efficient and made it a very smooth process for me. I will definitely be using her again! She was very helpful from beginning to end and was very patient at answering all of my questions. Stephanie S in N. Dallas

5/7/2015 SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
We had an absolutely fantastic experience with Wendy as our agent! I talked to several agents before Wendy, and I made a fantastic choice. Wendy is very trustworthy and efficient at her job – I was amazed at how quickly we were able to sell the home. She was very professional and at the same time extremely considerate of our concerns. My husband and I do not live in the area where Wendy helped us sell our property, and she provided us with invaluable assistance in that regard. For example, she gave us a lot of excellent suggestions for local contractors, and when necessary even went out to the property to meet with contractors in person, when we could not. Wendy’s experience in the McKinney market really shows in how she helps you prepare your home for the market. She gave us suggestions and advice about things I never even considered, like what color of paint would be most attractive to potential buyers. She’s thorough in her work and really went above and beyond my expectations. Holly Liu.

4/10/2015 SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
Give me very good suggestions for getting the house ready. Helped me in getting the house ready too! Ma House is solid right away at very good price. Owner of Wight, Plano

3/2/2015SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
Wendy sold my house in North Dallas in a very short period of time. With her extensive experiences, she acts professionally and provided me with valuable suggestions. In additionally, she took great care of the property while I was away from house keeping, clean the yard to repair. She is a trust worthy and responsive Realtor that I will recommend to anyone.
Owner of Southpoint in N. Dallas

10/11/2014 SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
Wendy Huang had provided above and beyond service to sell my house. I was very fortunate to have Wendy Huang as my realtor agent, especially when I was out of town during the whole process of getting my house ready for sale, putting on the market and working with buyers and buyers' agents to get me the top dollar for my house. Wendy Huang is very knowledgeable, experienced and hardworking. She kept me informed and reminded me on actions that were needed from me. Without an agent like Wendy, I am very certain that my house would have taken much longer to sell. I highly recommend Wendy Huang, as the Seller Realtor Agent to anyone. She definitely gets my 5 stars rating
Owner of Hawkhurst in Plano

9/29/2014 SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
Wendy helped us to remodel the house and receive this offer on the second day of the market. She is easy to reach, works hard and is very knowledgeable. She is a great realtor. Good job!
Min , Owner of Bonita in Plano

08/15/2014 LEASED for top$$$ in the area!
Wendy was my realtor for both selling my home a couple of years ago and again now to rent out my home. In both situations Wendy sold my home in less than 2 weeks in a down market at a great price and rented out my house in about 2 weeks at my preferred price. I was amazed at the online presence I had with her selling- on most if not all home websites with full 360 degrees video showing of my houses. This undoubtly attracts buyers and renters. She has the know- how of home selling and also promptly answers my questions via email and text message. I highly recommend Wendy Huang.
Amy in Carrollton

8/10/2014 SOLD for top$$$ in the area! 6% more than asking price.
Wendy sold my house almost 6% more than asking price and $27,000 more than other selling record in the area. She coordinated all the remodel of the property, including kitchen remodel, granite, flooring, paint, landscape, various repairs... I highly recommend her as an agent. She is dedicated, energetic, on the top of everything and of a good advice.
Owner of Caledonia Creek in Plano

7/7/2014SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
Wendy exceeded my expectations, far more than I could have ever dreamed. Not just because of the professional and dedicated for my project. She used her considerable talents and skills to complete my project. It was a pleasure to work with her. I rarely had to make any decisions, I did not have to worry about mistakes, errors, and best of all, she finished the project when she said she would.
Owner of Redfield in Plano

6/11/2014 SOLD for top$$$ in the area! 10% more than other agents!
I couldn't say enough good things about Wendy! I would recommend her to anyone who wants to sell his/her house for the best value within the shortest time. Not only because she listed our house price 10 percent more than estimates given by other online top rated agents, but also because she managed to sell it above the listing price. Five stars couldn't justify how great a sales agent she is. She is the best among the best and deserves seven stars! Wendy delivered her work diligently and professionally. She helped us get the house ready for the market along the way. She exhibits excellent esthetic tastes as a real estate agent and knows how to spend the least money to get the most return for her clients. The first offer came in only couple of hours after the house listed on the market. However, we took Wendy's advice to not take it. And than we received several better offers within the first week. Although the buyers created some difficulties ( one requests 20 repair items, one's loan had issues) for us, Wendy managed to get the best deal we could ever think of. The best decision we made during the process was to listen to Wendy's suggestions. She's knowledgeable about the contract laws and terms -we were well protected when the buyer could not fulfill the contract. She makes us feel that she's taken our interest as her own, and fought for it even harder than ourselves would, not to mention her excellent negotiation skills. Wendy is the best agent we could every get.
Owner of San Mateo in Allen

6/5/2014 SOLD for top$$$ in the area! 10% more than others !
After sold a house two years ago with the helps from Wendy, I knew she is the one of the best agents in Dallas. This time, even better, listed house 10% higher than I originally planned, got cash offer higher than the listing price and sold the house within 3 weeks after listing it on the market! If you want those results for selling your house, call Wendy today.
Owner of Richland Oak in Richardson

5/31/2014 SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
She is very professional! Not only did she help me pick out the paint to remodel the house, she also helped give me good advice in how to update my home. Wendy was very helpful with every detail from beginning to end. I greatly appreciate her help! I have personally used Wendy as my realtor to both sell and buy my homes. I would recommend her to all my friends and family. This is the second time I have had her sell my home.
Owner of De Gray in Plano

5/6/2014 SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
It's a very wise decision for us that we choose Wendy as our listing agent. The house I sold is in Dallas but I live in DC area. It's always a lot of concern when you want to sell your house but you can't be in town. BUT, turn out this whole process is so smooth! we would have never thought that the whole process could be so smooth! Wendy actually takes care everything! She is the most responsible and hard working agent I've ever seen. She is also very professional, knowledgeable and skillful about the realty business. We got several offers at first couple days but Wendy never push us to accept any offers. She helped us get the best deal! The house is sold very fast and transaction is very smooth. I definitely will recommend Wendy to all my friends!
Owner of Santa Fe Trail in Coppell

5/6/2014 SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
After meeting Wendy originally and thinking of listing my house....she said the market would be better and gave me a set time frame. Not only did my house sell immediately...we got full asking...and listed it for higher than we would have originally. The photos and description of the house were impeccable. She has a keen eye for detail and I quickly updated or made repairs before listing as to not have any issues with inspection. I work out of town and I appreciated her treating my house like her home. She would come and take care of the lights as well as posted signs reminding potential buyers to remove shoes and to lock doors. Her updates via phone, text, and email kept me up to the minute on any signatures or appointments that took place. I like the electronic signature system she has in place. Convienient for my lifestyle. Also walking me through paperwork so I knew exactly what I needed notarized etc to make sure everything was done correctly was a stress relief to making sure all loose ends were tied up. She is very professional and has a bulldog approach to getting things done...and does it all with a smile.
Owner in Plano

4/23/2014 SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
We're very impressed with Wendy Huang's service. She is very professional, knowledgeable, responsible and skillful about the realty business. Listing with her, we don't have to worry about the house on the market. Her mountain of experiences showed her mountain of ability in handling buying and selling houses.
Owner of Chestnut Hill in Richardson

11/24/2013 LEASED for top$$$ in the area!!
Wendy is a great realtor She has helped to get our house leased very quickly. She has given us some very good advises and also helped us to filter out some bad applications. At end, she helped us to find a very good tenant. Highly recommended.
Owner of Wrotham in ALLEN

11/18/2013 SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
We would definitely recommend Wendy to all our friends who need to sell their homes. We picked Wendy among a few listing agents after interviewing each of them. Wendy's local knowledge impressed us, and now we feel very lucky to have had her. We relocated as soon as the house was put on the market, and we would have never thought that the sale could be so smooth, thanks to Wendy. She had done number of things to help make the house look and stay in its best condition. She routinely drove over, checking and helping maintain the house, and always kept us informed about the progress on the sale. Because of her diligent and hard work, our house was sold in a very good time frame in our complete absence! We are very happy to give her a full score for her knowledge, her attitude and her skills as a real estate agent. Thank you, Wendy, for a great job well done!
Owner of Hebron in Allen

10/18/2013 SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
We got to know Wendy through a friend who was selling a house through Wendy. Wendy guided us through the whole process, giving recommendations, providing resources and etc. She even using her flowers to decorate our house. We got an offer on the very first day the house was listed. And the deal went through with this very first buyer with out any incidents. The whole process was smooth and trouble free. I would recommend Wendy to my friends whoever want to sell house and use her for my future selling.
Owner of Willow Creek in Mckinney

10/13/2013 SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
We chose Wendy as our real estate agent because we heard a lot of good things about her from our friends. After going through the process of selling our house, I would say that it is very true that Wendy is the one who could sell houses the highest and quickest in the neighborhood! Before we talked to Wendy, we had no idea where we should start. Wendy explained all the details of what we should do, and arranged the contractors for the house updating. Wendy’s knowledge and experience in this market really came into play. She gave us wise counseling along the way, paid attentions to all of our needs. Wendy presented our house so well that we had over 30 showing requests and more than 10 offers during the first three days of the listing. It was a true delight to work with Wendy, and she is the best in the business!
Owner of Loftsmoor in Plano

10/10/2013 SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
My wife and I were very lucky to have Wendy as our listing agent. This was the first home we ever sold. We hired her and then left on vacation a few days later. While we were gone, Wendy arranged to have multiple contractors work on our house to get it ready to sell, keeping us informed every step of the way. Her enthusiasm is unequaled and you won't find a harder worker. She went above and beyond in every area. She has a great taste on designing and decorating. Our house was sold on the first day at a good price when it was listed. We would highly recommend Wendy and would use her again in the future. We were extremely impressed with her passion and commitment. We felt completely comfortable and in good hands through the whole process. She was a joy to work with.
Owner of Ivanhoe

09/30/2013 SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
Wendy did an excellent job to sell our house. She did a great preparation for our property: she knows a lot of good painters, handy men, landscape people, pool guys, cleaning ladies to get the house in good sharp before getting ready to the market. She marketed our house with a very good, highly competitive price, and we received multiple offers within a couple days. The house was under contract within a week. Wendy is hard working, even minded, fast responsive. She has great professional attitude and pays attention to details during the entire process. We are very lucky to have her as our selling agent.
Owner in Plano

09/29/2013 SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
My next door neighbor had the best looking house on the block. When the house was sold for $103/sf, I decided to sell mine as well. After talking to a few agents, all of them told me it was impossible for me to sell mine anywhere near the price of my neighbor's. I finally talked to Wendy through a friend's recommendation. Wendy gave me a few pointers and helped me put in some necessary upgrades. She even helped me to locate contractors and negotiated for the best price. Guess what? A week later I got a few offers at $105/sf. Listen to Wendy, she will fight for you to get the best deal.
Owner of Brookshire

09/25/2013 SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
My house got sold so smoothly and fast with Wendy's professional help! Wendy gave me lots of advice about how to prepare for sale. She not only finds me the most reasonable contractors, but also neogotiates the best price for me. Wendy is also really good at staging. She knows how to attract the most buyers. When I was very happy to get several offers on the second day, Wendy did not stop working. She continued to help me neogotiate the price. My house was sold the highest price in my neighborhood in the past 6 monthes. I highly recommend Wendy!
Owner in Plano

09/16/2013 SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
Wendy is a top-notch professional with a great marketing plan. She has team of professionals and tradesmen working with her. Firstly, she guided us to prepare the house and bring it up to "fabulous" show condition with many upgrades to suit the present aesthetics. Yes it was work and expense but executed well by the team of craftsmen. Next she staged the home for showing with appealing interior decor. It was listed on a Thursday and there was more then 30 showings in 24 hours. We had multiple offers 10K over the list price by qualified buyers. The house was under contract the same week-end. All the process has been handled professionally and a smooth closing. We would highly recommend her services to either buyer or seller. ****** Stars for you and your team Thank you. Shobha and Sam

08/31/2013 SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
Wendy was highly recommended by many of my friends who live in the Dallas area. We lived in this house for a couple of years. We moved, due to a job transfer, and this house became rental property. After the tenant’s lease was terminated, we had to deal with all kinds of repairs like painting, carpeting, landscaping, and “you name it”, as the home owner. Wendy orchestrated all the repair tasks in an organized / methodical manner and kept us informed. This was especially important, since we live in another state! She took plenty of photos and forwarded them to let us know the results at each stage of the repairs. We were able to get the house ready for sale and listed it within 7 days. Before the property listed, we discussed about the listing price. Wendy not only provided a standard package of sold property price statistics; but, also gave us an in-depth analysis and strategy on how-to price. Just 1 day after she listed this property, we received offers. This house sold at the listing price during the first week. The new owner is already moving into this property. We want to share this worry-free experience of selling our property. It almost seems like a miracle. If anyone wants less stress selling your property, GO WITH WENDY.
Owner of Raintree in McKinney

08/01/2013   SOLD for top$$$ in the area!
To start, I would like to say a thank you to Wendy, our list agent. Wendy was introduced by our friend's friend. Since we are living on the west coast and our house is so far away, one can image how anxious we were at first. But soon, Wendy proves to us that she is the best. She managed for us the renovation process, for free, from painting, replacing carpet, putting new wood floor to putting granite counter-tops in the kitchen. We were able to get three offers in just three days on the market, with the top price! Wendy is very efficient with keen knowledge about the market. She is professional in keeping us informed about every step on the way. She puts her whole-heart to sell our house with a lot of good suggestions and ideas. In the end, we had nothing to worry about. Wendy is THE best among all the real estate professionals we have dealt with. We would like to give her our strongest recommendation to anyone for real-estate service.

owner of Raintree in McKinney

7/10/2013 SOLD $7,000 over full price! Multiple over full price offers!!!

What I concerned about the house on the first day in the market was what to choose between a few over-asking-price offers. What a surprise on the first day when we received a few offers and they were all over the asking price. Thanks so much, Wendy!!! You gave us a lot of great suggestions. The pro color selections really got the attention from the buyers. Also, the deal is the highest that I have never seen in the neighborhood. Thanks Wendy as you save my time to sell the house and you really show the great value of the house.

LL Hsu
6/28/2013  SOLD over Full Price! Multiple over full price offers!

Selling the house have a lot of work need to take care.Fortunately I find a good agent Wendy Huang.She got a great experience,she helping us to solve all the problem about the house.Example:repair the damage and remodel interior,so my house 1st day on market had six offers all over asking price and sold in second day with the top dollars in our area.Wendy,thank you very much

Im Family , Plano


Wendy is the type of realtor I would recommend to good friends. From start to finish, she makes the process and paperwork done easily and conveniently. She's very professional, diligent, and very prompt to answer any questions I have. She is able to use her experiences to resolve unexpected issues during the transaction and sold my property in a reasonable time period. Thank you !!

Tain Family, Dallas

6/12/2013 Top $$$$ in the area!!

Wendy is a great agent! She helped us sold our house within 3 months while there are many other houses on the market within our subdivision! She is knowledgeable and took care of all the little things and big things for us. We would recommend her to anyone who is seeking an experienced agent


5/24/2013   Top $$$$ in the area!!!
If a realtor could sell your house in two weeks and the deal is the best of the community, what should you say? WOW!!!! Yes, what a surprise for me and my wife. We asked Wendy to sell the house for us. She discussed with us the market very clear and guided us how to save the cost to remodel. During the process, she delivered her pro so we could get satisfied answers from time to time. Quick selling at top dollar is the result. What should I say more?

Georege C

5/18/2013  Top $$$$ in the area!!!

Wendy sold our house in a week at highest price in the neighborhood. Before put our house on market she design and remodel it. She found the best deals and best contractors for us to remodel the house. We did not need to travel to Dallas at all since we are living at Austin. She is very patient and always listens to us and put our needs in the first place. I highly recommend Wendy to everyone.

Jane G.

5/13/2013    Top $$$$ in the area!!!
Wendy is such a smartworking, caring realtor that I can’t believe the process of selling my first home went by so quickly and smoothly! With her extensive marketing plan, tools and systems in place, I could see the appointments kept going up and feel proud that my house is getting a ton of interest.

My house had 2 offers within the first 24 hrs (at full price and above), 5 competitive offers total and sold in a week! Highest $$ per sqft in the area!

Wendy has an accurate pulse on the market and knows exactly what you need repaired to best price your home. Her deep understanding of real estate also means she can anticipate the behavior of the buyer, agent and market. Every step of the way, she is responsive, professional, and has your best interest in mind.

Most importantly, Wendy is a strong negotiator and while the bottom line is always your decision, all her advice is spot on.

Nothing compares to the peace of mind that you get from working with a realtor that consistently produce record results. I will gladly recommend Wendy to my friends for any real estate service!

Anita T

Wendy will have your property professionally and widely exposed and you can enjoy the benefit of top dollars.

She is professionally trained and disciplined by treating her clients right in the first place

N. C.

4/24/2013  Top $$$$ in the area!
She helps me to look for the several bids from the different contractors to change the carpet, change the counter top and repaint the house. I moved far from the house, so she coordinated with the contractors and meet them, even pick up the color for me, which really saves me a lot of time and make the house look like new. Another I want to bring up is, it is better to use the title company she recommends. It help the whole transaction go smooth

Owner of Del Norte

4/18/2013 SOLD top $$$$ in the area!!!

We are extremely happy with Wendy's service!!! After struggling with another agent for 3months, we handed our house in her hand, and she made the successful sale with almost the highest sale price in the community!!!

Wendy is friendly, capable, confident and calm. In addition to that, she is very knowledgeable and experienced. Living in DFW area for a long time, she knows the area inside out. She has also done extra things for us, like watering flowers, fix garage door, since we are way in different state.

Our both houses in Texas were successfully sold by Wendy. We strongly recommend Wendy's service to you!

Renee R.

Wendy is the most knowledgeable real estate agent and the hardest working agent I know in North Texas. She knows her market well, price it right for immeidate response, follows-up on every lead, and looks out for your best interest. Everything Wendy suggested I do before, during and after I listed my home was right on. From the new paint color, new carpet color, and she takes excellent pictures of your home for presentation on websites, etc. Wendy is very resourceful, excellent in negotiation with deep understanding on how buyer and buyer's agent will react to circumstances. If you are selling your home, you want Wendy to be your listing agent!

Dear Wendy,

Selling a house could be easy as one or two days, but when situation comes, it's time to show how professional the agent is!

My house was not an easy one. While we were abroad, you staged the house with your experience; you handled foundation problem, termite problem with great efficiency. You also supervised the roof replacement, not mentioned a lot of other small problems.

I'm very impressed by your problem solving and decision making abilities. I think these are the qualities that entitle you as one of the best real-estate agents in Dallas!

Thanks again and have a prosperous career!

Sherrie, Frank

10/01/2012 SOLD in 4 days! Top selling record in the area!!!
Wendy helped us to sell our current house. While working with Wendy, we find she is very professional and takes care of her clients in great extent. She has deep knowledge of the house market and is able accurately predict the selling price. With her hard work, our house was sold in 4 days with top dollars in our residential area. In addition, the suitable renovation and repairs suggested by Wendy greatly speed up the selling of the house. All the work done by the contractors recommended by Wendy were perfect and saved us a lot of money. If you intend hire a agent to sell your house, please use Wendy Huang.

Z Yang
Owner of Greenfield

8/31/12 SOLD in 5 days! Top $$$ in the area!!!
It was such a pleasure working with Wendy to sell our first home. She started with finding us the best deals and quality workmanship for repainting the house, staging and repairs to get the house ready for sell. She stayed on top of everything and had our best interests in mind from beginning to end. She was very responsive and professional in every aspect.

Wendy’s rich experience and knowledge in real estate had made the entire selling process quick, smooth and easy. Our house was sold in 5 days and the selling price is amongst the highest in the community! We are very satisfied with the result and would highly recommend her to anyone!!
G Jin

Wendy is an excellent realtor. She has helped me to find the tenant in a very short time frame and given me good advices. Strongly recommend.

W. W

08/02/12  6 offers in 2 days! $6k over the full price! Highest $$$ in the area
Wendy has impressive market knowledge to set right sell price. Our property got 6 offers in 2 days!!! sold our house for $6k more than our asking price. It is the top $$$ of the selling record in our community.

We will definitely recommend her to our friends.


7/22/12   4 offers, Highest sales price in the area!!!

Dear Wendy, 
Thanks for selling our house for the highest $$ per sqft in our area and also 4 offers.
We will definitely refer you to our family and friends.

Thank you very much.
John and Ada Choi

07/20/12 LEASED in a week! Highest lease record in the area!



Thanks for your professional service. You staging service worked perfectly and secured us the well qualified tenant in just a week!! Plus, you well tuned negotiating skill has won us very good leasing terms. We'll definitely recommend your service to anyone come to us for referral!


Nice job!


Thank you!


07/18/12 Highest sales price in the area! Full Price in 1 day!
I am extremely satisfied with Wendy and her team's professional realty services. The entire process was so smooth and trouble free. I knew that she has great selling records, but I did not expect that she could actually break the record to sell my home in one day with the highest price in the area. She has really strong marketing and negotiation skills. I am so glad that I had her to be my seller agent.

Andy C

07/06/12 Highest sales price in the area! 8 offers

We have lived in Dallas areas more than 20 years. We have always been told selling house is a pain, but not our recent experience with Wendy. We got many helps from her start from the very beginning: great recommendations for the initial price and a proper price adjustment if needed, the items need upgraded & repaired and the list of good super handy man can do the jobs. Following her recommendations, the house selling went through smoothly: the first two offers were received on the 1st day. We got total of 8 offers and sold the house for the highest price in the area (6% high than the similar houses). During the list period, Wendy is always available to answer questions and help us to handle unexpected issues just like a family member. We recommended strongly to others, call Wendy and make comparison, she is the best.




6/25/12 SOLD in 1 month! 2 offers
The house was sold in about a month in this "Buyer's Market". In the beginning, she gave us suggestions to improve the house Marketing, and she referred some contractors for the improvement Works in an unblievetable low price. Of course, the transaction was smooth, feeling someone was there to watch for you. We are strongly recommend to those owners who want to put their House in the market and get result.

Thomas C

6/14/12  SOLD in 1 day! 4 offers -all over full price!
just submitted the review, all 5 stars. please see below

I would recommend Wendy strongly as she worked very hard to get the house in top conditions, and our house had received 4 offers all above listing prices. We often received 4-5 email updates a day from Wendy as she kept us posted on the status. She is very organized, high motivated, knowledgable, and with great negotiation skills.


5/25/12  6 offers! Best selling record in the area! Pending in 22 days!!!
Wendy helped me buy my current house and sold my old house. During the whole process, Wendy is very professional and she always protect the client's interest. Such as when she was selling my old house when sometimes the offer wasn't good she then recommeded me to wait and expressed she did not mind to do more work to get a better deal. She is very good at using advertisement to drive traffic to my old house that is for sale. Within 30 to 40 days after my house is available for show, there are almost 40 visits. My house gets sold within 40 to 45 days after it is on the market for show. I believe In such a tough market, use Wendy as relator can help sell your house fast and minimize loss. Think about it - if your house is hanging there for many months without sale, you absolutely loose lots of $$$s. I love my beautiful new house that is right on the golf course. But if one day I want to sell it I will use Wendy again.

Debbie Bender

Dear Wendy,
I gave you the 5 start rating you deserve, with the following comment:  

Wendy is really a super sales agent!  My property after several years of rental had to do lots of fixes and upgrades in order to put on the market.  In addition, a foundation sink had to be fixed due to the extended draught in the summer.  She diligently and efficiently taken care of all the issues.  She was very considerate and helpful in finding the lower cost alternatives to save owner's money.  Because the owner lives overseas, most of the communication had to be done with emails and occasionally phone calls.  Her email responses by iPhone were almost immediate if it fell within her time zone.  For the house problems, repair in progress and the results, she always sent photos or video clips.  Even with complicated issues, she was able to put the house on market in about 3 weeks.  She widelyadopts internet based selling means and widely advertise on the web and in real estate magazines.  She sent me automated weekly web activity report and every single agent feedback so that the seller was informed with the activity levels and market comments, instead of sitting in the dark.  Probably due to her unusual sales track records, she can attract attention by buyers' agents.  The impressive bottomline: the house was sold a little more than 1.5 months from listing under this economy!  She has got all the right methodology and skills, but more importantly, she has got the enthusiasm and energy.  She enjoys what she does and she acts like selling her own house!  I would highly recommend her to any seller who is concerned about selling a house under such economy like I did.  We need an unusual agent at unusual time!...

Best Regards,  


Dear Wendy,

My sister-in-law has asked me to express her utmost gratitude to you for your great help in selling the house.  We understand that, in this time of gloomy market, it is really hard to sell the house.  However, you have shown your ability to sell the house in a reasonable time and succeeded in defending our interests.  Better still, you have done a favor to take care of the house when my sister-in-law is in Hong Kong.  We do thank you for all what you have done for us.

Best regards,



Hey Wendy,

We would like to write this to thank you very much for helping us to sell our house at the price we


Your expertise on housing market is unmatched.  Your prompt status update and helpful suggestions

has made this house selling a very pleasant experience.  You are surely the best agents out on the market. 


We have referred you to all of our friends.

Thanks again,
Jennifer and Zane


Dear Wendy,
Thank you for doing such a superb job in finding us a very promising
tenant couple who are willing to pay significantly above average rent
for our beautiful house.  Your networking and connection in real
estate market and willingness to go extra miles for us not only bring
a happy ending to this transaction, but also made it happen so quickly
and smoothly.  We greatly appreciate your effort and time in assisting
us and we will definitely ask your assistance again in the near future
for our next endeavors in the real estate market.
Thank you again for your outstanding service and we will talk with you
again soon.  I bet you will hear inquires and requests about your
services from our friends too!
Best Regards,
Anne and Arthur


Dear Wendy,
We really do not know what to say to appreciate your excellent work.  Within the short period of time, you assisted us to rent two houses.  During the working process, you provided the documents in time and gave us lots of useful suggestions.  That’s PRO we are looking for.  In case our friends are looking for house selling or renting, you will be the first one to be contacted with.
Thanks again!!!


Thank you so much for such a smooth transaction! Everything was handled smoothly and professionally.   I am really amazed at how you sold my house so fast and at value during this hard housing climate.  I would suggest you to my family and friends if they are selling their house.  I don't think there is any other realtor out there that is as comparable.  I really appreciate the attention to detail in preparing my house to be sold.  All of my questions were answered in timely fashion and I can always pick up the phone and contact you for guidance.  Considering that you have a lot of volume selling other houses at the same time, it never affected your customer service to me.  You make it seem like every house you sell is a gem and the only gem at that time.
Thank you very much,
Amy Liu

2/25/11      SOLD in 1 day! Over full price!

  SOLD in 1 day! Over full price!


We had gone through a bad experience with another agent when we heard about you Wendy Huang. Our house was listed on the market almost 4 months with no offer in. You took over the listing and had our home sold in one day over the asking price. We couldn't have been more pleased at your expertise and professionalism.

Thank you very much!

Sherry Q

2/24/11     Best selling record!

We are very glad to have Wendy as our listing agent. She is always available when we need help. She is a person who genuinely cares about our needs.

She had sold our property with the highest price in the area.

Owner of 7401 Avalon

2/11/11 Thank you in millions

Hi, Wendy

My wife and myself would like to say thank you for helping us sold the house. I should have listened to my wife at the beginning, instead I let another real estate agent to put on the market for us. For over 9 months we didn't have any luck.

You are so special. You have not only taken good care of our house buy also marketed it with your best efforts, always kept us informed. We will highly recommend you to our friends or whoever looking for a "super" agent.

Best Regards,
Norman Huang

Wendy has been really great. My house was sold within a month, and helped me every step of the way from signing the contract to closing. She follows up with all parties to make sure closing was timely. Thanks, Wendy! ---Annie L.


We were very anxious to get our house sold quickly - our house was listed during a slow period and the real estate market was down. As we were building a new house, we didn't want to end up with two mortgage payments. Wendy kept us informed at all times, and was always very responsive to our questions and concerns. She utilized all advertisement resources available to make sure our house had maximum exposure. Thanks to her professionalism and hard work, she miraculously sold our house in a little over a month! We would definitely recommend her to all our friends and families. ----- Lewis & Anna T.

Best Selling record in the area

Hi, Wendy:

Thank you so much for helping us selling the house during the tough economical time. You have proven again your unprecedented marketing skill and superior negotiating power. We are very lucky and fortunate to have you as our realtor. You are easy to work with and understanding your client by heart. We really really appreciate everything you have done for us. Your services defiantly exceed our expectation. We will highly recommend you to anyone who need to sell a house.

Thank you.

Owner of 107 Heatherstone

05/20/10 SOLD in 1 day! Highest $$/sqft in the area! $14,000 more than the market

Testimony from Jim L. and Kathy M.

Wendy sold our house one day on the market, more importantly, at the highest price in our sub-division. We are deeply impressive by her effectiveness, efficiency, and expertise in preparing, and presenting the house.

Definitely recommend Wendy's professional services to our friends, and look for Wendy for our next house transition, 


Ji Li


Thank you very much Wendy!  You are the best agent we have ever met.
We bought this house on the corner of the semi-busy street back to 2003. The agent we hired never mentioned any disadvantages (such as it’s hard to sell in the future). 
Last year, we put the house into the market for more than 3 months, ending up leased the house for two years.  Somehow, the tenant ran away without saying goodbye to us. 
During the first meeting with you this March, we felt like you are the real expert whom we are looking for.  Indeed, you took good care of us and gave us tons of good suggestions.  Thanks again for everything and definitely we will recommend you to all of our friends and family who have the real estate needs.

Ken & Deborah



Selling a house can be overwhelming, but you helped us navigate it smoothly.  Thank you for your professionalism!

Terry & Su Tai


05/01/10  SOLD in 5 days!!!

Dear Wendy,


After smoothly closing the sale that was offered in a week after putting in market, we would like to sit down and write this letter of appreciation.


Although we believe without God’s grace, such a marvelous thing won’t be happened so quickly and smoothly, because there indeed so many things are not controlled in our hands.


Nevertheless, your ethical integrity and professional gravity are very much respectable to us. The suggestions you made to enhance the outlook of our house are receptive to potential buyers and practical to us as sellers... 


We are blessed by hiring you as our Selling Agent.  We thank you and pray that you continue to advance in your business.


God bless,

Spencer & Susan Tsang



Like you suggested I appreciate the service I received so much, so I prepared this........thank you again!

At the beginning, I hesitated if I should choose her as my representative, due to the low value of my condo comparing to a high valued house; however it proved that she was my right, and absolute choice.

In less than 30 days, I got two contracts, within 14 days after the contract, the deal was closed.At the closing table, I was very grateful, and thankful that I was one of her clients, she treated me good, not based on the selling value.

During the period, she handled my calls professionally, showing-feedbacks emails were sent to me very quickly and responsively. I like to recommend her on your side when you want to sell your home; she is the best and absolute selling power in the market.

Rosemary Chen 

04/27/10 SOLD in less than 1 week! Full Price!!!














 Thank you so much Wendy for selling our home in less than 1 WEEK!

You're the best agent we have ever worked with and you're so great at what you do.  Thank you again for making this a wonderful experience for us. We will let all of our friends and family know that they should contact you for any real estate needs. 

Kindest Regards,
Hsuchi & Yuanfeng Sun
















Hi Wendy;

I know I have said many times, but still, I want to say thank you so much for the effort you made to sell my house, thank you so much for making all of these happened. My husband and I are amazed by your "magic" which got our house sold out in two weeks after it was on market, and with multiple offers! We can not believe that since this house had been on market for 6 months with two different realtors before, and it didn't get sold!

We specially appreciate the suggestion you gave to us about "refresh" the house before put it on market. We didn't spend much money, just followed whatever you suggested, then it suddenly changed to "move in ready" status. I guess it is very important to buyers. Your taste and view matches what buyers want.

Well, we got a tough buyer, but Wendy is tougher than them! That's why we won in most of issues with buyer. I guess your excellent English speech skill helped a lot. I feel you always hit the point every time.

Also, we appreciate that you took care of contacting, meeting and discussing with repair contractors for us. That made our life much easier. This might be extra you did for us.

You really did excellent job, which is way out of my expectation to a realtor. That's why you amazed me. I will definitely recommend you to my friends in the future and our current house would be "yours" when we are ready to sell it. :-)

I'll see you around!



Hi Wendy,

Availing of your expertise after several months of lackluster stint with another company is the best decision that I have made to realize the goal of selling my house. 

Thank you so much for the guidance, advices, tips that tremendously boost the appeal of my property resulting to a sale at a relatively short time and with a well-negotiated price even in a buyer's market.  Your professionalism is marked from start to finish of the transaction. 

I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and business associates should they need a high calibre real estate professional to handle the selling of their real estate properties. 

Congratulations on your future successes! 




09/15/09 SOLD in 7 days! Best selling record in the area!

Dear Wendy, Thank you very much for your great help to sell our house.  It is our first home selling experience. We are satisfied not only with your excellent service but also with the results. We sold our house in 7 days. We definitely would like to recommend you to other sellers.
Sincerely, Julie.


8/28/09 SOLD in 1 day! Over Full Price! Top $$$ in the area!

Wow, I knew Wendy is good, but didn’t know she is so good. What a terrific Job! Wendy sold my house in 2 days with FULL asking price (well, $1,000 higher than the asking price). Wendy proposed a wonderful house upgrade plan, provided cost efficient and outstanding contractors, and made lovely décor of the house. When the house is ready for sale, it’s a like-new, upgraded beautiful house. We got 3 offers the second day. Wendy worked with buyers and buyer’s agents and bring us a offer that surprises us. 


If you are a client of Wendy, lucky you. Wendy definitely knows what she is doing. Just follow her advices and you will be happy. If you are not her client yet, you can’t afford to miss the opportunity to become her client. Give it a try!

Owner of 2329 High country way

08/19/09 SOLD in 1 day! Best Record!
Dear Wendy,
Thank you so much to help me sell my house within 1 days and a good price. You are so dearest and willing to help me all my need. If I have friends willing to sell their house, I definitely will refer you! Once again, thank you very much!

Mandy Lin
08/18/09 SOLD in 4 days! 3 offers ! Over Full Price!!!
Dear Wendy,
What amazing job you have done. We made the decision to move back to China in a hurry and left everything to you to take care. Under your recommendation and suggestions, our house got 3 offers within 4 days after the house went to the market and finally sold over the full listed price.   Great Jobs and Thanks!
Paul & Jessica
Dear Wendy and Frank,
Thank you so much for selling our house at the end of July, 2009. 
I cannot imagine how I could have sold my house without your help. Actually, I was comfortable putting my house into your hands, since this was the second house you sold for us. I am also confident in your professional skills; you know every single detail of the paperwork, and what is going on on the real estate market.
You saved me a lot of time and money on phone calls. You were always there whenever I needed you, even though we live on the other side of the world. You even arranged and followed up the renovation of my house from beginning to end. You reported the process step by step and gave me a lot of good advice. You checked it very often to make sure my house was nice, clean and presentable to the potential buyers. You took good care of my house as if it were your own. You did a lot more than any agent is expected to do. You treated me as your friend, as more than just another client. 
I am so grateful to have you as our agent. I can not say thank you enough for your help, professional advice and friendly service. I will strongly recommend you as a agent to all of my friends.
All the best for your future business!
A very satisfied client,
Grace Kong
07/30/09 SOLD in 4 days! FULL PRICE! 3 offers! Best Selling record in the area
 Dear Wendy,

I would like to express my gratefulness for your assistance in our home selling process. It is really astonishing that our house is sold in 4 days at full listing price, and the selling price is actually one of the highest in terms of per square feet in the neighborhood. I think our success is attributed to your many years of experiences in selling houses. Looking back, you have given us a lot of great advices about how to prepare our house for sale.

I am especially impressed by your no-fuss-get-things-done approach. I wholeheartedly recommend you to other sellers. Please let me know if you need any help in the future, and keep up the good work!

Best regards,
Wei T. Yue, PhD
07/24/09   Best record in the area!
Dear Wendy
Thanks so much for all that you have done for us. We are so happy and relieved after selling our house despite current tough economic times. This certainly was not possible without your tireless efforts, great advertisement campaign, guidance and negotiation skills. I can't find words to express our gratitude about the extraordinary care that you provided to our property since we had moved out of state more than a month ago.
You are certainly the BEST!! I wish you the best in all your future endeavors.
Best Regards
Khurram Waheed & Ayesha Khurram
July 24, 2009

07/24/09  Top $$$ in the area! SOLD in 4 days!

Dear Wendy:


Steve and I would like to thank you for selling our house in just 4 days and with the best price in our area! This is amazing under the current economic downturns! Really appreciate all your help, advice and support during this hot summer. Both of us are very impressed with your knowledge, experience and skills in real estate market. We also would like to thank Frank to find our beautiful new home for us. We will highly recommend you to our friends and co-workers. Keep in touch and good luck with your future sales!

Renee & Steve

07/24/09 SOLD in 1 week! 3 offers! Best selling Record!

Dear Wendy,

I'm sorry this "thank-you" was so long in coming, but I've been busy on projects on my other buildings. I just had to stop to put in writing the FANTASTIC job you did in selling my mother's house in Plano, TX. I especially liked how quickly you took the interior views of the house and got them on the Internet. And then when we received three offers just days later! Nobody else could have gotten that level of response in this market. Also, your communication skills are the best I've ever seen. And at this point in time, I've been through nine closings, thus I have a valid basis for comparison. I've enclosed a little check as a concrete thank-you for your efforts. I only wish that you had an office in Chicago so I could partake of your service again. Thank you.

A very satisfied customer,

Holly  L. Heim

06/10/09  Best record in the area!


It is amazing that you can sell my house in such short time during the tough economic down turn. You experience truly counts. You know what is the price to sell and how to dress up the house to make it attractive to buyers. I am very thankful for your hard work and dedication. I will recommend you to whoever has any real estate need.

Best regards,


03/28/09 Best Selling record!

Thank you very much to sell my house so quickly!  After we requested you to represent us to sell our house in the end of January, it only took you  less than a month to secure an offer.  Considering this extremely tough housing market, this is a great achievement!  We also want to thank you for timely communicating with us about the progress, friendly remind of us what we should do at different stage of this process.  We will always remember your artistic taste on designing a house for sell.  We really learned a lot from you.

03/12/09 Best record!

I want to share my satisfying experience working with you. You are a very knowledgeable and dedicated Seller Agent. You certainly know how to sell houses. You have helped me to sell two houses in the past and what really impress me is they were sold in such a short time. Some agents may take a few months to sell a house but it only took you a few weeks to accomplish that. You know what to recommend to make the house to be "marketable". You know how to "price" it right during existing market condition. You are truly a GREAT seller agent. I would recommend you any time if someone is looking to put their house on the market.It is a great pleasure working with someone this knowledgeable and helpful! I'm so blessed. Thanks for being such a great agent and I'm so grateful for that. 
KC Soo

12/08/08  Best selling record in the area

Dear Wendy,

I appreciate your amazing work.  You sold my house in one week.  That's amazing...Thanks again.


10/17/08  Top $$ per sqft in the area!


Thank you again for all your hard work that went into selling our house. You made the entire selling process painless. I wish you continued success and I will tell everyone I know to use you. Thanks again for everything.

Marisa Duewel

10/02/08 SOLD in 5 days! Best selling record in the area!

Dear Wendy, Vivien:

We wanted to take this time to congratulate and thank you for the job well done. Our house was sold at the community-record price and we managed to close the new house on-time.

With your help we managed to improve our old house appearance, add choice decoration pieces, put the house on the market in under 1 week and find a buyer in just 5 days.

Your commitment, strong marketing efforts and the knowledge of the Plano mortgage market helped to generate a significant amount of showings, which resulted in a fast sale.

As a first time home seller we discovered how complex the real estate and mortgage industries are. Especially in the turbulent 2008 economic times having reliable agents was the key to guiding us and selling the house on-time.

We had a terrific experience from your team - the process was explained clearly, transactions was handled professionally, communications were prompt and closing were made easier with your expert support.

Now because of your hard work two happy families in Dallas are enjoying their new houses.

This was an outstanding experience and we will definitely recommend your services to all of our friends.

Many sincere thanks !

DJ & Lin Khanmamedov

9/28/08 SOLD in 1 week! 2 offers! Best selling record in the area!

Wendy Huang did a very good job with helping us through the processes of selling our house in Plano. She made our life much easier.

Can you believe that we sold our house remotely (which means we had relocated when we put our house on market)? Did you know that we received two offers within one week?! Wendy is very thorough. For example, she came up with great ideas of promoting our house to the interested parties. She often updated us with the status of the sale. Wendy even found trustworthy handymen to fix the damaged parts of the house.

We trusted her so much that we put everything in her hands. We strongly recommend her if you would like to sell your house easy and quick. :)

Gloria Z


7/14/08 SOLD in 12 days! Best selling record in the area!

Thanks a lot for selling my house in 12 days! You helped me to stage my home to the best condition. I got the price I want and SOLD "AS IS". It should be the best selling record in my area! Best wishes to your business!

J Lai

SOLD in 2 weeks! 3 offers! Full Price!

Thank you for getting 3 offer/2wks/Full price!
In a dismal housing market ONLY Wendy Huang can accomplish this.
This is brief and concise because YOU worked hard and long hours to sell my Plano home.

6/24/08    SOLD in 27days! 2 offers!

Dear Wendy,
I want to thank you for all of your advises and hardwork to sell my mother’s house at 9122 Windy Crest.  Your extensive experiences and wise advices had assisted us to reach the right decisions in a timely manner.  In a sluggish real estate market like now, it was amazing to receive two offers and sold in just 27 days of listing.  We are very pleased with the price sold as well.  We definitely will refer your service to all of our acquaintances.
Stella Chao

5/07/08 SOLD in hours! Best selling Record in the area!

Dear Wendy,

  Thank you so much for all your hardwork.  You sold my home in 15 days in a market which economists called it slow and sluggish due to the poor economy & high foreclosure rate.  I'm really impressed with your fabulous marketing technique which attracted a buyer in a matter of a few hours after my house was made available in the market.  You didn't just sell my home fast, you sold it in the best price.  You set the price for my home, which was the highest in the neighborhood at the moment and was a few thousands higher than the number that I had in mind for my home.  You got me a deal that is NOT A DIME LESS than that listing price that you set, regardless of so many competitions such as many unsold new homes for lesser values and foreclosures in unbeatable deals. 

    Wendy, you are just amazing.  You saved me thousands and from having tremendous fears and worries by selling my home quickly.  I want you to know that I am very Appreciative of all the work that you have done for me.  You are a magnificent 5-star Real Estate Professional.  I have already shared my miraculous home-selling experiences with my friends & families in N. TX and anyone who wants the best price on their homes in the shortest time period should come see Wendy.  Rock On! 
Candy Yeung, M.A., M.Ed

5/01/08 SOLD in 1 week, 2 offers, & Top dollar in the area!


We wanted to thank you for helping us sell our house.  My husband and I noticed that there were some “good deals” out there on houses and thought if we could sell ours for enough we could get a larger home at a great price.  With the market the way it is these days we weren’t sure if we could sell ours for what we wanted.  We met with you and were very impressed so we decided to list ours and see what happened, if we sold it great but if not we were still happy with our house.  As it turned out we had an offer on the first day!  We waited a bit and had a better offer by the end of the week.  We were thrilled with your approach and follow up and would recommend you to anyone we know looking to sell their house.  You go above and beyond to showcase your client’s home and get them the most money you can.  You were there for us through the entire process, especially in the end and we can’t thank you enough for that.  I don’t think we would have sold it that quickly nor for as high a price had we chosen a different realtor.

With Sincere Thanks,

Chris & Christine Eckert 


Wendy Huang has to be one of the most knowledgeable and persistent agents today, in a market that calls for just that. We needed an agent with experience in selling and with the expertise of knowing just what needs to be done to stage a house for selling. She guided my husband and I through a tough market to selling our home. Her efforts as a seller's agents are to be commended. J/A Lowe


Dear Wendy,

Thank you very much for your help to sell my house very quickly. With your help, I got 2 offers in 10 days, SOLD $14000 more than the neighbor!!! 

Experienced seller agent make a HUGE difference, especially in this market. Wendy is one of the best agents I ever met.   

Best Regards,

Feng Yang

09/27/07  2 offers in 2 weeks!!!

Hi Wendy/Frank,

I am writing this email to express my great appreciation of your assistance in selling my house. Without your professional advice and hard-working, we won’t be able to get TWO offers in just TWO weeks immediately after the market listing. We are very happy that everything had been extremely smooth during the process, largely due to the fact that you had already taken care of everything for us beforehand. Besides, I would like to say thanks, or rather apologies, to have used some much of the time on my case during your precious one-day vacation. It was a bit too selfish from my side, and your extra effort to accommodation such excessive request had deeply impressed us. Both my wife and I are so glad that we had chosen you as our agent at the first place. This was our best decision during this house-selling process, and a good start is indeed half-done.

If there is need in the future, I would like to use your service again. And I would surely recommend you to all my friends and colleagues for any real estate service. In fact, you might be already receiving calls from some of them, as I was told.

"Please also pass on my appreciation to Frank. I know that it was a very short notice of my lease request and Frank had made extra effort to knock out a deal for me just in time. It is such a great help, and big relieve for us. Without his help, I really don’t know if we can make things happen this time. I had been so stressful when I was in California.Thanks again Frank!"

Thanks again for all the great work and wish you a very happy day and weekend!

Best Regards,

Kenny Zhou  
4425 Caledonia Creek Ln
Plano, TX 75024

07/30/07    3 offers in first week! SOLD for 99.1% of asking & highest selling record in the area!

Dear Wendy,
I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how happy I was with the service you provided me while my condo was on the market.  You were very responsive to all my questions and had a fantastic grip of the market.  The fact that you were able to price my condo and have it sold in less then 40 days on the market in this housing market was quite spectacular.
You were recommended to me by my mother, and I know she has given your name to many of her friends, I am glad I listened to my mother in this instance! As you know I will be traveling quite a bit in the near future, but as soon as I am ready to buy a house I will surely let you know!
Thanks again for the great service. And thanks even more for getting my condo sold so quickly.  I look forward to using you in the future!
Jenny Nicewander

7/20/07 SOLD in 2 weeks! Highest selling record!3 full price offers!

    You were our buying agent 11 years ago. We did a right choice to have you as our agent again.
    We are very glad to hear that our property at 1605 Amber Lane, Plano, closed in less than two months. You have done great Ads so there were 3 offers with full listing price in 2-3 weeks.
    We left Dallas the day after we signed the contract with you and then moved back to Taiwan  You have kept us updated with all the information with email or international phone call. You even went to check the house often and took care of the repair for us. You have done more than a realtor will do. Thanks again.
     Come to visit us when you come to Taiwan.

Best Regards,
Quincy Li
Yinghui Kuo

07/19/07 3 Full price offers

Hi,It has been a very good home selling experience with Wendy Hwang as the seller's agent. I would recommend Wendy to any one currently considering to put his/her property on market despite a relatively difficult time for real estate market.

But all it take is the right match for buyer vs the property. This "right match" requires the right approach, broader marketing as well as timely actions that Wendy definitely excells in.

As for most people, home selling normally associates with home buying. A flexible work relationship with seller agent also helped us a lot where individual circumstances can change during the buying and selling process. A good seller agent like Wendy does understand these realities of life and does her best to accommodates individual needs.

As a result of the Wendy's excellent service and skills, we were able to sell our home.

And actually even had 3 full price offers.

Best regard, Ikram

07/12/07 SOLD in 2 Weeks!Best selling record!!!

Dear Wendy,
After a week long drive, we finally arrived in California. At the beginning of our new Chapter in life, my wife and I just want to say Thank You! again for everything you've done to help make all these possible.

Looking back to the process: we came to the decision of relocation in a short notice; and being a first time seller, we were overwhelmed by the information involved. We still couldn't imagine how we were able to sell our be loved house so quickly with a great offer if without the help from a true professional like you. The full variety of service packages you provide, the money saving and professional advices you gave, your knowledge in sales, contract negotiation, protection, and the nation wide sales network you have are just what we needed. And we were over joyed to see the first offer within 2 days of listing, and found the ideal buyer who truly appreciated our house within just 2 weeks! And eventually, we were able to move to California on schedule and everything just worked out perfectly for us.
Once again, my family and I greatly appreciate your help, and we definitely would recommend any friend of ours for your services in the future.

Thanks and best wishes!
Ming & Wei 

SOLD in 1 day! Best Selling Record in the area


Hi Wendy,

Thank you so much for having our house sold in just one day.  The whole process was quick and simple. We really appreciate your enthusiasm, professionalism and definitely will recommend you to our friends and family. Thanks a million..

Best regards

Helen and Victor

SOLD in 1 day!


To whom it May Concern,

After 263 days I listed my house with my realtor without any luck., I called Wendy to ask for help. As soon as I met Wendy, she brought her clients to my house since the day 1 we met. She SOLD my home right away. She saved me money and released my burdens and stress to deal with all troubles. I will recommend her to any sellers.


Peter Heng

1/31/07 SOLD in 5 days! Best Selling Price in the area!

Dear Wendy,We had interviewed several realtors when we decided to sell our house. After we talked to you, we hired you right away not even with a second thought. Your professional experience and great suggestions are leading us to sell our house on the 5th day on the market with the top selling price in our neighborhood.

We remember you came back twice on the same day just for taking the pictures to post on the Internet and ad. You told us the first pictures were too dark, so you have to take it again. We saw a lot of dark pictures on the Internet taken by those irresponsible realtors and I am so glad you are different from them. You post the best picture of our house and attract the buyer successfully.

Selling a house could be a stressful experience but not with a great realtor like you. We really appreciate your hard working and wish you the best in your career.


Junior & Christina


Hi Frank

I'd like to thank you for your excellent effort in taking care of the two rental properties in 2006.  I am very grateful for all your help..


Dear Wendy,
Thank you for your help and the new certificate attachment for Henry has
been well received.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to send our special thanks to Vivien
for her professional service to us, especially for her quick and prompt
responses to any questions we have.

Happy New Year and wishing you, your family and your team members have a very prosperous year of 2007.

Henry and Erika

Top dollars in the area! 6 offers in 2 weeks!


Dear Wendy,

I has been a real pleasure having you as our real estate agent in the listing and sale of our home, 4412 Waskom in Plano. We really appreciated your enthusiasm, professionalism, and to our amazement the quick sale of our home. As you know we began with a “sale by owner” approach, and after a couple of weeks of not one phone call, we decided to list the house. Fortunately we got you.

Not only did you have people viewing our home the very next day, but they just kept coming over the next two weeks. Within those two weeks we ended up with six offers, one of which being the highest offer recorded in our neighborhood. Way to go !!!

We will definitely recommend you to our family and friends.

A million thanks again,  Lucy & Jim   

Best Selling record in the area! 6 offers in 2 weeks!





























































 Wendy,I do deeply appreciate what you have done to help me sell my house in two weeks.  Truly speaking,when I signed you as my agent, I did not believe that you can sell my house within 3 months as you promised because there are a lot of new and old houses in the current highly competitive market.  However, I am very impressed by the fact that I got six offers, two of which are even full-priced, in just two weeks since I listed the house. No doubt, it isreally your hard work and expertise that has helped me draw so many buyers in such a short time.  Furthermore, you offered me many valuable opinions when I negotiated the price with thebuyers.  To be specific, you reminded me to withdraw my initial idea to cover the closing costs for the buyers so as to get the maximum benefit on my part during negotiation.  Better still, you have studied all transaction documents carefully in order to protect my interests. 

On the other hand, I appreciate your professional spirit so much.  Every time I have questions for you, you must give me a response over the telephone or through the email in a very short time, whether day or night.  It seems that you work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You are really an iron lady.

Lastly, I must say that I am so lucky to have you as my agent.  Let me thank you with my heart. 



Best Selling record in the area!

Sep.28, 06

Wendy Hwang! REMAX "Super" Seller agent

Who is Wendy Hwang? Well, let me tell you- she is a very capable Real Estate agent. She is knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated. She has many creative yet practical strategies in helping home owners to sell their houses "FAST"! If you are looking to sell your house quick, she is the one you can count on! I would recommend her to anyone who needs a real estate agent anytime.

A very satisfying customer,

KC Soo


Best selling record in the area! $15,000 more than other homes!

Aug 10, 2006

Dear Wendy,

It is a great pleasure to write this letter for you.

As soon as we met Wendy, we believed she is the right person and have enough potential to do the work.

She made it as we believed, and sold the house in 53 days for a reasonable price.

All the time Wendy stands with us for the best out come for us.

Wendy and her team worked hard and keep-on bring showings almost everyday until the house got sold.

Your attitude and the knowledge of your industry experience are excellent we will continue to recommend you strongly and look forward to working with you and your team in the future.


Tiv & Vanita

Wendy saved $14,000 for us!!!

Dear Wendy,

Thanks for all your help to sell my home! It is the 2nd time we have you & your team to work for us. And both houses were sold for full price! This time is even better! $8,000 more than other homes in my area. You also spent a lot of time to negotiate with my lien holder and saved me another $6,000. Wow, it is amazing! You have saved us $14,000.  I will tell all my friends and relatives about you & your team. You are the best realtor in Dallas market.

Best wishes to you and your team. Great Job!

Thanks,  Bi & family

SOLD in 2 Days!

To: Allprospective clients of Wendy Hwang,  

If you need a realtor to help you, whether selling or buying, I highly recommend Wendy.  She sold my Plano home in two days.

I had not known Wendy except through some magazine ads but decided to list my home with her, after interviewing a number of realtors, because of her track record and being more attentive to my needs.  After my house was put on the market and I had a chance to work with her, I found in Wendy an efficient, dependable, and very smart professional who will deliver fast result.  Wendy can help you, too.  Andy TranSeattle, Washington

SOLD in 1 week! 2 offers! Best Selling Record in the area!

Dear Frank,I want to thank you for helping us to sell our beloved house fast and at the target price.  You made the process totally painless.  I appreciate you went beyond and above what I can expect from a realtor.  I'm glad my co-worker recommended you.  And I'm glad I went with my instinct that you would sell my house quickly.  And you did; got 2 offers in one week.  I'm impressed with effectiveness of your networking. 

Thanks for all the pre-listing consultation, the fast moving on the paper work, and all the support you provided during the inspection/repair phase.  Without you, it will not be so smooth.
Thank you for being there with us!
Margaret and Michael
SOLD in 1 week! "Highest Price in the area!"

Hi, Wendy,

Thanks very much for your effort in having my House sold in just one week on the market.

It was indeed a surprise that the house was sold in such a good price.

Your dedication and professionism in the real estate transaction is greatly appreciated.

I highly recommend Wendy for whoever needs a dependable and responsible agent.

Again, I sincerely thank you for your contribution.
Steve S. Kwan

SOLD in 25 days!
Dear Wendy,
It is with great pleasure that we write this letter of gratitude to you.

Our home had expired
three times after nine months on the market with two
other agents.
When we were extremely disheartened in selling the house, one
of our friends recommended you to us. It is truly amazing that we received
two offers within just 25 days after we listed our house with you! However,
we were not surprised at this, because you are so distinguished. The other
agents would just put up a For Sale sign, but you did much more than that.
You gave us a lot of useful suggestions that led us to sell our house
quickly. Also, you took care of each challenge in the entire selling process
in a very professional and timely manner, which significantly alleviated our
stress. You handled the two offers so skillfully that it saved us both money
and time.

We are totally satisfied with your service. The only thing we regret is that
we didn't list our house with you at the very beginning. We sincerely wish
you much success in your business!

Jiacun and Fang

Wendy is truly the best! 

Several months ago, I had to move to another state for work. When I put my house on to the market, I was so worried because it was a slow season for the real estate market, and the house was not in its perfect condition as I left in a hurry without getting all the necessary repair done, and most importantly who would be taking care of my house while I was gone. 

I was so lucky to find Wendy.  She really took care of my house and always made sure my house was in its best condition. I was constantly informed of any changes in condition of the house, and advised on the necessary remedy.  She helped coordinating all the repair and maintenance of the house while I was away.  If any work needed to be done to the house, she would personally be at the house before and after the work was done to make sure that nothing went wrong. I was very relieved and I really felt that I could sleep well at night during these months because I knew that my house was in good hands with Wendy.  Now my house is sold, and I cannot say enough thank you to Wendy, I know without her, this is impossible. 

Thank you Wendy, and I really appreciate all your hard work!

SOLD in a week! 

Dear Wendy,

I am writing to thank you for your assistance in selling our house at 2412 Brinlee Branch Lane, McKinney.  Actually, I do not believe that you can sell my house in a short time because the market is very weak for real estates in the past year at McKinney.  However, to my astonishment, my house was sold in just a week.  Furthermore, I am deeply impressed by your enthusiasm in safeguarding my interests in dealing with the title company and the buyer agent.  I am particularly impressed by your effort in checking the numbers with the title company so as to ensure that I will not lose even a penny.  I think I am very lucky to have appointed an efficient, helpful, friendly and considerate agent like you in selling my house.  I do not know how to express my utmost gratitude for the excellent work you have done for me.  I hope this letter can show our hearty thankfulness towards you.
With best wishes,
Mark and Helen Hui.

Hi, Frank: (SOLD in 10 Days! 4 offers!)

Many thanks for the works and you are the most caring professional agent I have ever worked with...Thanks and Best regards,Owner of 2021 Lambert Ct

Hi Frank & Wendy,Just want to say thank you for helping us finding our new home and selling our old house so quickly.  We appreciate your professional and friendly service with personal touch and your expertise in ensuring that we understand the buying/selling process.  We are glad to have you as our buying and selling agent. We are very much happy and satisfied with your professional service because you do take good care of your customers!!!Thanks again!!! Frank & Chor

SOLD in 24 hours! Best selling record in the area! 

Dear Wendy,

We appreciate you selling our house within 24 hrs after putting it on the market.  We are very grateful for your hard work, effort and devotion.  You are an excellent realtor and we look forward to working again with you in the near future.  Thank you for your professionalism. 
Best Regards,
Sharon & John

4 offers in 2 months!

Dear Wendy,

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated you throughout the whole process.  We were ecstatic to receive our first offer within 10 days after our listing date.  We were surprised when we received 3 more offers in 2 months. We expected our house to take at least 6 months to sell, because of the unstable economy and the fact that our home was over $750k.  You worked carefully negotiating a price that satisfied us.  Your attentiveness to details was reassuring.  We never had to worry; you personally took care of the inspection, appraisal, and all repairs. 

We are convinced that your extensive marketing was what SOLD our home so quickly! We greatly appreciated your hard work and your help. Thank you. Sincerely,Lin Fan
Dear Wendy & Frank,
We appreciated all the work you did in selling our home, but we were most grateful for your strenuous effort involving our new home purchase.  Frank’s knowledge in real estate and his ability to negotiate worked in our favor, and we were able to save over $20,000 on our new home purchase.  Thanks again for everything, Liz Chou

Highest Selling Price in the area in 2 weeks!

...I cannot believe what a great job Wendy &Frank did for my family! Within a short period of 2 weeks. She was able to sell my house and Mr. Frank Hwang helps me find my current home both at avalue to my Satisfaction! What a deal! I really appreciate and would certainly recommend their service! Thanks! Ann Ngo 

Hello Wendy, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to work with you.
You're a great realtor.   You are very attentive to our needs, and give us lots of advices on how to market our house.For our house's listing, your marketing strategies helped created lots of traffic.  We have had an average at least one showing per day. 
We had also the first offer within the first week of listing.
For the house,
in one month, we had overall four offers - and we sold the house in within month.We are really happy that we have picked a good realtor.Again, thank you for all the help. Sincerely, Minh Chau


I would once again like to say thank you for another excellent job selling my house.  It was the 3rd time we have worked together and each time has been very successful selling the house for nearly the asking price and in just a few weeks.  The flyer you created made the house look great, better that it actually was, which created a large amount of traffic.  Your attitude and knowledge of your field is excellent and I will continue to recommend you and look forward to working with you in the future.Thanks again,
David Neil

To Whom it may concerns,

I had the opportunity to work with Wendy Huang in the sale of an investment property. I would like to bring your attention to her outstanding attributes. Wendy is extremely competent,efficient and professionalin her work. In the ten years of real estate investment I have worker with numerous agents,contractors,mortgage,title and bank personnel. I have never seen such dedication. In an economic down cycle with a negative housing market, amidst intense competition,Wendy was able to price the property on the high end and sell it in record time.You are fortunate to have a person of Wendy's caliber on your team. Her performance reflects verypositively on the RE/MAX franchise. Sincerely, Catherine

My experience working with Wendy and herteam was worry free.  Immediately Wendy went to work on marketing my home, on the same day the fliers were completed and my house was on the internet.  We received multiple offers and sold our home in record time.Other homes in my neighborhood were averaging at least 90 days on the market, but Wendy successfully sold mine in less than 60 days with 4 offers!  The closingprocess was quick and problem free. I would definitely recommend Wendy and her team to my friends and family.  I look forward to working with her in future transactions. Sincerely,Victoria Choy,951Sylvan Creek
Bestselling Record in the area!$7,500 more than we asked before
Dear Wendy, When we came to you we had not had a positive home selling experience. Over the course of 1 year we had listed with other realtors and had no luck. Your expertise and reassurance that we could sell our home lifted our spirits. After we listed with you we received a few offers and within 1month our home was sold. To top it off you sold our home for $7,500 more than we asked before.  Your sales techniques changed our outlook on real estate.  We were very pleased with your hard work, dedication, and overall care for our personal well-being.  My family and I highly recommendyou to all our close friends. We look forward to working with you again.Sincerely,Yan Family

Dear Frank,

We are very grateful for your time and effort in helping us on everything related to searching and buying a house. Your super service impresses us since the first day we met. We have learned so many things about house from you and most importantly, we got a very good deal for the house. We like the house very much. We are so lucky to have you as our realtor. We will definitely recommend you to our friends. Thanks again, Yu Wang and Tang Duan 

5 offers in 2 days,4 full Price!
To any sellers,
Wendy's hard work paid off for us. Within 2 days of the market we had 5 offers, 4 for full price, and 2 from Wendy's team. Wendy saved us a lot of time and money to make this a smooth and pleasant experience for us.
Besides, Frank's persistent negotiating saved us $25,000 on our new home purchase. We were very pleased with what Wendy's team had to offer in marketing our home. After getting such quick and positive results we are going to recommend her team to all our friends and family. Owner of 2208 Village Green

Dear Wendy: 

When I listed my home with you I was promised 3 things. 1.To keep me informed, 2.Be available for questions and concerns, 3.Assistance in selling my home due to me being a out of state seller. After my experience with other realtors I did not have much hope that you would keep your word. I was surprised when you kept your promises and my home sold in 2 months. I received access to MLS activity and the showing website. I was able to read agent's feedback online and receive e-mails when there was a showing. I also received personal updates from Wendy. We were competing with builders in our neighborhood and she told me we had to work extra hard and we succeeded! During the closing process I was constantly informed on activity. We were able to move the closing date up 1 week than originally planned. Even with the competitive market our home sold for only $2,500 less than asking price. One of the best prices in our neighborhood. Wendy and her team worked diligently with me in resolving issues that came up. Thank you again for your professional attitude in listing and selling my home. Robert and Yuna

Highest record in the area! 6 offers!
Dear Wendy:
   Thank you for selling our home so quickly and smoothly! It was incredible to have so many showings right away, to receive several offers on our house and we got our asking price which was at the high end of the market range. Your team, knowledge and proficiency is of the highest standards. We very much enjoyed working with you, and please feel free to use our name as a reference as we will recommend your services to everyone. Best wishes for continued success. Thanks again, Paul & Lori Larson

To whom it may concern,
...Both Wendy and Frank earned it with hard, smart work on our behalf. Wendy got a contract on our house in 1/3 of the time that the average house sat on the market in our neighborhood…that is, if it even sold! She drove a lot of traffic through the house and was helpful throughout the process. As for Frank, his intimate knowledge of neighborhoods and all facets of housing quality and location is unmatched. His negotiations with the buyer were absolutely beneficial to us, his clients. We could not have been any happier with the outcome on both ends! ... Sincerely, Phil and Becky Spencer

Really appreciate all your helps during this hot summer. With all your efforts, we were able to find a such a lovely house and moved into this house in a short period. At the beginning, we were wondering whether you were familiar with Coppell, as your office is in Plano. After just several tours in the cities, we became very confident in that you truly have strong knowledge in the real estate market in these neighboring cities as well. Our schedule was very aggressive, your knowledge, skills, and responsiveness helped a lot in speeding up the process. Even myself did not expect the deal could be closed in such a short time! Thanks again and keep in touch. Best regards, Yiliang & Chen

Dear Vivien,
Paul & I want to thank you for all of your hard work in helping us reach our goal to move into a beautiful new home. It's been emotional for me & you always remained composed and professional for us. If you ever need a reference, we will highly recommand you. You're great! Paul & Lori Larson

SOLD in 2 weeks!Best Record!
Wendy sold our first home in 1 week and for FULL PRICE! We were so impressed with her
team that we hired her to sell our second home. We successfully sold our 2nd home in 2 weeks and for one of the best record/prices in our area. We will continue to keep our relationship and use her team in future real estate transactions. Thank you Wendy,Owner of 717 Crested Butte

99% of the asking price in 18 days!
Dear Wendy & Team,
We would like to thank you & your team. You sold our home in just 18 days(for 99% of the asking price) and that is the best record in my area! We got a lot of showings even in this slow market. We see all the details were handled. Your team is excellent in our minds! Thanks to all of you for everything!Owner of 2264 Big Bend

Best Selling Record in the area, 5 offers!

Dear Wendy & Frank,Thank you so much for your devotion in selling our home.
We hadoriginally listed with another agent before but did not have good luck. When we listed with you, your team marketed my home consistently. We had our first offer on the 3rd day and 4 more followed. Your professional assistance was comforting throughout the closing process. We ended up selling for the best price in the area! Besides, Frank worked endlessly to find us another home for a fair price. We greatly appreciate all the time and effort the two of you put in.Thank you again for all your help. Sincerely, Prayooth ,seller 902 Ridgeway

3 offers! 1 full price!1st offer received on 2nd day of the market!
Our house was sold within two months. We received three offers for the house. One of them was the full price. We recommend Wendy as a person who will give maximum effort and dedication to be a list or buyer agent. Owner of 1520 Tawakoni,Plano

 Dear Wendy and Frank,Peggy and I want to thank the both of you so much for selling our home so quickly in such adverse economictimes. Neither a depressed real estate market or a war prevented the two of you from getting us to a closing with a fair market value price. We have been very happy to use your services for two home sales and a home purchase and hope to continue the next time we decide to look for a new home.Best regards,Al Fisher,President/CTO Biometric Key Systems

..This was the first time for us to buy a house and knew nothing about it at the beginning. We do preciate all your help from day one when you showed us houses. And we are so impressive about your honest, trustworthy and most of all your patient and good knowledge of real estate. It's our luck to have you as our realtor and thus we have experienced good time while buying this house...Thanks again and wish you all the best!Song & Wei Yang

3 offers in one month(Best selling Record in the area!)
Dear Wendy & Frank,I would like to thankyou for your professional manner and success in handling the recent sale of my house. After listing with you, I had three offers on my house within 30 days. The sale was all completed within onemonth. Thank you again for your prompt handling of my home sale. Sincerely, Tim Kasitinon

Thank you for your assistance selling our house in Richardson. Jim and I very appreciated your help. We may start looking for business place next year. We will contact you again soon.Reagrds,Mei

Dear Wendy and Frank:
Thanks for your excellent service. You do your best work and spent a lots of efforts to sell our house. I appreciate for your good job. I will introduce your fast work effect to my friends let them know your service. Thanks again.Benz and Holly

Dear Vivien & Wendy's Team,
I really appreciate your work to get our new house(8824 Christian Ct.). Definitely I will refer you to our church friends who are going to buy a house. Before buying the house, I was
thinking why I need a realter, I could deal with the seller directly to get a better deal. And I had a experience with other realter in New Jersey before. Now you made me change my mind from your excellent work. In the future I will suggest my people that selecting therealter is the most important part to purchase a house....Andy Chungsu Jeon

SOLD in 5 days! Highest Price in the area! Best Record!
Dear Wendy and Frank, I just wanted 
to let you know how much I appreciate all your hard work and professionalism in selling my house.
As you know, working in the title business, I deal with many realtors and have a direct link behind the scene to see who does a good job and who doesn't and that is exactly why I asked you to sell my house!
You both have always been professional and thorough and I certainly appreciate you getting my house sold in the first week! Great Job! Sincerely, S. Whitley.

SOLD in 2 days!2 offers!(Full Price /Best record in the area!)Hi, Wendy,Thanks again for all of your help and great team work. I will certainly recommend you to all of my family and friends.

SOLD in 3 days!(Best Selling Record in the area!/4 offers in 2 days!)
Wendy,Thank you once again for selling my house at 816 Clinton Drive. I am satisfied with the services that you have provided during the entire sale process. You had done a great job in researching and promoting the sale of my house. As a result, the house was barely on the market
when the first offer came in. Even with your busy schedules, I was always able to reach you by phone whenever I had questions or issues. This was very important to me because it gave me a sense of control in the sale of my house. I will strongly recommend your services to anyone who wants to sell their house. Your team has proven professionalism in the sale of my house. I am particularlysatisfied with your use of the Internet, plus link to toll-free number to promote the sale of my house. Great job. Sincerely, Simon

SOLD in 6 Days!(Best selling record in the area!)
Dear Wendy, We were very pleasantly suprised taht you were able to sell our home in only 6 days and close the escrow so expeditiously in only six weeks.
The understanding and hand holding you gave us was and is greatly appreciated. It made the beginning of our retirement and our move to New Mexico very smooth and pretty much concern free. Jo and I would like to wish you continued success and know in our hearts that with your positive attitude and concern for your clients that you will fo far....Jo & Gary Hall

For 25 years we have been buying and selling houses through many different real estate agencies. Wendy Huang and her team have demonstrated the most and best professional services can be found in DFW area.

Their total services of repairing, cleaning, utility connection, maintenance and many, many other tedious things are making the sales of the houses so easy and comfortable for the clients. Their effort of getting most value out of the transaction for the client are unparallelled.

Wendy and her team have represented us in many transactions in the past. We will continue to partner with them in our real estate business needs and I do highly recommend them to any person or institute for their outstanding services.

Terry Ong,
President of Cowell Corp.

Best Record in the area!
...Imagine getting two offers after two weeks in the market ...We got the price that we expected.... I would recommend you and your team to my dearest friends and family. Thank you and hope for your continuned success.
Virginia Pilvestre ,Former owner Dryers Oak Plano

Best Record in the area!99.43% of Asking price
Wendy,...sending you this letter for our appreciation of selling the house in Valley Ranch in just two weeks on the market. The entire process of selling the house was very professional. Everything was happened as expected. We got the price as we asked for. Thank you again for your help.
Owner of Harris Ct,Irving

Our Exclusive Buyer Agent!
Vivien/Wendy Huang Homeselling Team,
Thank you very much for your hard work and all your help in purchasing this house. You are an excellent Realtor. We would introduce customer to you if anyone asks us for recommendation. ...Song Family

As professionals in high-tech industry many of us may need to buy and/or sell house quickly, and fairly. Find a good realtor is critical for us to realize this goal. My
experience told me that professional realtors like Wendy & Frank Hwang work like rofessionals just like you and me. They help selling/buying house professionally, quickly and fairly. My feeling is like meeting a co-worker in my office, and solve professional problems in my daily life. Good luck! Owner of 3908 Newhall

SOLD 99.36% of asking!
We originally listed with a different realtor at the beginning of the spring. We had a wonderful house and extra lot in a hard to sell location. After several frustrating months of moderate traffic and low offers, we switched to Wendy at the end of the selling season.
Wow!!!What a difference. With her marketing strategy, the traffic on our property immediately doubled and we had several offers within the first week. She helped us negotiate the offers and we sold our house foralmost full price. Out of all the realtors that we've used, Wendy is by far the hardest working realtor we've encountered. Talk about service, even when we ran into a minor problem with the buyer, a week after closing, Wendy stepped right in a took care of it without a pause. Thank you so much, Wendy!!!

SOLD for Full Price(Best record in the area)!
Dear Wendy, ... we want to thank you and your team for the great work in getting our house sold. It is without a doubt your marketing skills and professionalism that made the sale of our house so painless. We're very happy with your service and will certainly have not problems referring
you to anyone selling or buying a house. Add me to your long reference list of happy customers! Thanks again! Owner of 7908Case Dr.

Sold in 1 week for 100.3% of asking price:
Wendy, Thank you for selling our home so efficiently in a week & more than our asking price . Thanks, Owner of 1717 Amber Ln

SOLD in 2 Days for 101.57% of asking price:
Dear Wendy & Team: We just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you have done in selling our home. We were completely shocked that within 2 days of being on the market you delivered 7 offers, 3 that were more than what we were asking for. You and your team put our interest first and saved us money in the end. You constantly kept us updated on what was going in the home selling process. Besides, Frank worked with us patiently in finding our new home. He even spent time joining us in selecting wallpaper and tiles. He guided us and helped our family get exactly what we wanted for price we could afford. You took the initiative and fought for us when the lender wanted to charge us more and saved us thousands of dollars. Thank you so much for your endless efforts. You made selling our home painless and worry free. We would highly recommend your team to any of our close friends and relatives. Thanks again, Owner of 773 Voltaire, Plano

SOLD in 8 Hours for Full Price!
Dear Wendy & Team,
We are greatly appreciative of the work you have done in selling our home. We couldn't believe that within 8 hours on the first day are home sold for Full Price. Not only did you deliever 1 full price offer, but several back-up offers for us to consider. You made home selling quick and easy. We thank you generously and would recommend you to any of our friends and family. Thanks again, Owner,5109 Teddington Park.

SOLD in 2 days!
This letter is to express our deep appreciation and respect to Wendy for her professionalism, her commitment to excellence in customer service and her follow through on her every promise.

My wife & I tried to sell our home ourselves. After almost 8 weeks of showing our home to the many interested but unqualified home buyers, we were exhausted and becoming discouraged. Then Wendy to the recue! She arrived and took the burden of selling our home completely off our shoulders. She was very thorough in explaining all of our options, possible challenges we may encounter and a solution to each one.

Well, within just two days of listing our home, Wendy had two offers on the table for us to consider. One offer was exactly what we were asking, the second offer actually exceeded our asking price by more than five thousand dollars! The best part was that these were solid offers made by serious and qualified home buyers.

I highly recommend Wendy Huang to ANYONE interested in not just listing their house but actually selling their house. I know of no one who works harder or has as much integrity as Wendy, and we recommend her without reservation. Great Job Wendy!

Steve & Nora Levesque.

SOLD in 2 weeks!
Dear Wendy:We would like to express our gratitude to Wendy and her entire homeselling team. Our home was listed with another agent for four months with no results. After signing up with Wendy, our house sold in two weeks! We were very impressed with Wendy's knowledge of the market, her professionalism, and her customer service. Her marketing of our home was top notch. We freely offer our highest recommendation to Wendy and her homeselling team. Thanks again, Wendy! Best Regards, Dale and Shane Sheu

Our Exclusive Buyer Agent!
Dear Vivien , Thank you for getting us a beautiful home! It's a very nice home that we love it very much. We especially want to thank Vivien, who really did a great job. Without her dedication on home searching and without her helps on all negotiations, we wouldn't get this beautiful place. We enjoy our new home very much and enjoy watching kids growing in this nice place. It was a good choice to have Wendy Huang Homeselling Team/ReMax Plano as our realtor. And it was our good luck to have Vivien being our agent. We really appreicate it.Hope your business success! Thanks, Amy & Jake

SOLD in 1 day!
Dear,We wanted to drop you a note, to commend you on all the hard work you have done to get our home sold. Your guidance in showing us the steps involved in the home selling process was wonderful Weeks before our home was on the market you were 100% prepared, informing all the future buyers, through the internet, by phone, and in magazines. You made us feel important, and encouraged us to sell our home at the maximum price possible. We received 3 full price offers on our home the first day on the market. You negotiated everything possible for us, and we don¡¦t even have to pay the title policy. We thank you greatly from the bottom of our hearts, and would highly recommend you to any future buyers or sellers. Thanks Again. Mr. Chung

Our Exclusive Buyer Agent!

SOLD in 1 month!
Ms. Wendy Huang is one of the brightest women we have known in real estate. She is very competent at real estate selling and marketing, strong capacity to service customers. She is hard working ,pleasant and is well liked by her customer. We are satisfied her service. We can give her a wholehearted recommendation. Mr. dong & Miss Liu.

SOLD in 2 Days!
Dear Wendy & Frank, You sold our home in 2 days, Thank you... Charles

SOLD in 3 weeks!
Dear Wendy, Our sincere thanks for all your help to sell our home in Texas so fast and so smoothly. Even we are in California, thousand miles from the property , we were able to see the listing of our house on your web site and were well informed by you. We will definite recommend you to anyone who needs to sell or buy home the area. Thanks again. Yours sincerely, Bernard and Kathy

SOLD in 6 weeks!
We appreciate Wendy and Frank very much for their professional help in selling our home within the promised time. They lead us in preparing our home with needed improvements to attract buyers. They took extra effort and insisted us to get the most value for our home. They consistently updated us on the showings and the general trend of the buyers. If we have to sell our house again, we know whom to approach. Ranga and Nirmala Dendi

SELLER :Property Listed:$225,000 & SOLD:$225,000 in 5 days!
-" We like to write this letter to acknowledge the outstanding work that you have done for selling our house in Plano.It has been a great experience to dealing with you who are very professional and are caring about our best interests. All advices you gave to us were valuable and proved to be very useful for closing this sale. The amount of efforts you spent on taking care of our house while we were absent are highly appreciated. If we have any further need to use the real estate services , we will not have any second thought to use you as our primary representatives. It is a job well done....Lee Family, California.

SOLD in 3 weeks!
-" Dear Wendy,Thank you so much for your effort of selling our house in Plano. We are so glad we listed our house with you. The house got sold only within a month, even when it was facing strong competitions at this slowest season of the year.
This was our first time selling a house. while we knew nothing about the market and how to sell, you have worked so hard on advertising,giving us suggestions, and negotiating with the potential buy. Following your advice, we have saved a lot of money and the house was sold so quickly. We will recommend all our friends in Dallas who would sell their properties to list with you.
Again, thank you very much for your hard work. Lydia & Wayne, Colorado.

SOLD in 2 weeks!
-"We'd like to say a word of great appreciation to Wendy Huang for her amazing performance of selling our house. It's been on sale for 6 full months without a sign of luck until Wendy Huang became our new agent. In about 2 weeks, we've received 2 offers, and one of these became a final sale of our home. We can now reunion our family with our daughter in Philadelphia, and see our little grandson. We've been waiting for this to happen for last 8 months, and it happened right away with Wendy. Thanks for your excellent job, your intelligence and professionalism, we will recommend to everyone who plans to sell(buy) their property." Sincerely, Alex & Susanna Tsynguauz, Plano TX

"Dear Wendy, We would like to thank you for all your assistance in helping to assisting us in the home buying process. We are appreciative for the fact that you worked in our best interests and saved us money. If you had not have negotiated, we would have had to pay a lot of money to make repairs on the house. We are going to recommend you to all of our friends. Thanks a million." Sincerely, Erick and Ranita Jones, Carrollton TX.

BUY/SELL(SOLD in 29 days!)-
"Dear Wendy and Frank, Just a short letter to let you both know that your hard work, dedication and professional attitude during the past weeks have been greatly appreciated. Wendy has managed to sell our home in such a short time and at very good price. Frank has been very patient and knowledgeable in helping us find our new home. A job well done! I am sure that your business will grow rapidly and I wish you much success in the future. Sincerely,"-Yang Family N.Dallas/Plano TX.

BUY/SELL(SOLD in 2 Days!)-
"Dear Wendy, We really appreciated your excellent work of selling our house in only 2 days at 99.3% of our asking price. It saved us all the hastle of selling a house so that we can enjoy our new home." Larry & patsy, Plano TX.

"Dear Wendy & Frank,
We would like to have this oppurtunity to express our appreciation to you for helping us bought our wonderful house. Without your kindness,patience and knowledge, we are probably still hunting for a house. Thanks again. Wish your career be successful." -Wang & Lo ,Allen TX.

SOLD in 4 Days!
"Our Home Was Sold In 4 Days for 101.3% of asking Price" We were extremely pleased with the hands on service provided by Wendy Huang in the sale of our home. Wendy kept us calm and collected throughout the process and wrapped things up with skill. Our home was sold in 4 days for 101.3 % of asking price.--Michele S, Garland, TX.

BUY/SELL(SOLD in 1 month!)-
"Wendy & her husband Frank sold our home within one month at 98% of asked price. We are extremely satisfied with their service, and amazed by their dramtic marketing efforts in selling our home. Now we really understand and totally convinced their advertisement of
"Selling Your House in 60 days, or Wendy will give you $1,000". Wendy and Frank very patiently helped us find the perfect, ideal, larger home. We had some restricted combination features for our neew house. Wendy kept a very close eye on market listing's on a daily basis, and finally we went as the first buyer's to look at the house. We handed in our contract first and bought the house we really liked. Wendy and Frank even gave us $1000, for being the first buyer's to use their advertisement for buying the house. We were amazed by Frank's expertise in home inspection's and maintains. For which we did not know during the five years of our previous home ownership. We were extremely satisfied with Wendy and Frank's service's, and would recommend them to some of our closest friends. -Helen & Kan . Owner of 2805 Montell CT. Plano,TX 75025

SOLD in one month!
" Wendy & Frank, Thank you for selling our home within one month. We appreciate your help"--- Wei & Liz, New Jersey

SOLD in 7 Days!
" Wendy, The property was sold within seven days of listing. It's really commendable!"-- Nancy & KC, Richardson